Program Information & Instructions

Welcome to the Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience (SSSEX) ISTA Level 1 Training

Below is very important information about our training, our agreements, and on the next page an information form we ask you to fill out. Signing the agreements and filling in the form are REQUIRED to complete your registration in the training. Please do this now.

On the last page of this process you will be able to download documents with all this information.


We, at International School of Temple Arts (ISTA), are pleased to have you join us on what is sure to be an empowering journey of transformation.  Following are the details of the upcoming event:

Start: Friday 10/7/16
End: Friday 10/14/16

Address: Lupin Lodge ( 20600 Aldercroft Heights Rd. Los Gatos CA 95033
Phones: Lupin office: 408-353-9200 David (organizer): 707-978-2608 Crystal: 928-862-0762
Airport: SJC – Mineta San Jose International Airport

Please plan to arrive by: 3 PM the latest (Early arrival is important for check in and accommodations assignment)
We begin at: 4 PM (Session will begin promptly)

If you have a balance due, please pay the remaining amount by October 3rd 2016. If you have any questions or difficulties paying the remaining balance by that time, please contact Crystal (928-862-0762) or David (707-978-2608).

Please complete and e-sign theGroup Agreement Form and the Student Information Form below and on the next page. Your registration is not complete until we have received both of these forms and your payment.

Please give some thought to your desires and intentions for this course. If you haven’t already done so, please purchase and read the book, “Sacred Sexual Healing: The Shaman Method of Sex Magic” by Baba Dez and Kamala Devi.
All students are asked to read this book prior to or during the training. It is available on line through at the following link: Sacred Sexual Healing SHAMAN Method at

You will be provided with 3 meals each day. Meals will be mostly vegetarian with some meat and fish options. Please tell us ASAP if you have any dietary restrictions. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

This is a residential event. This helps us create a safe container that is conducive to the learning process and supports everyone to dive deeply into a transformational process. You will either be sharing a yurt with up to four people, camping, or group dorms. We will do our best to make room assignments that are comfortable for everyone.

DIRECTIONS (click to open)

Lupin Lodge: 20600 Aldercroft Heights Rd. Los Gatos CA 95033

SAN JOSE is the closest airport. San Francisco or Oakland could also work if price or logistics are better for you, but getting to Lupin may be more challenging unless you have a ride. There is a ride board now on Facebook at, I encourage you to coordinate with others there.

1. Proceed southbound along Hwy 17.
2. Exit RIGHT at Bear Creek Road.
3. Turn RIGHT at the end of the exit ramp and proceed across the bridge over Hwy 17.
4. Turn RIGHT again onto Old Santa Cruz Hwy.
5. Follow Old Santa Cruz Hwy for about 3 miles.  After a series of four of zig-zag turns you will see Aldercroft Heights Rd merging from a sharp left.
6. Turn LEFT onto Aldercroft Heights Rd and follow the road down the hill.
7. Veer RIGHT after crossing Alma Bridge at the bottom of the hill.
8. Turn LEFT into the Lupin Lodge driveway across from the mailboxes. (Its the first left after veering right)

From Santa Cruz:
1. Proceed along Northbound Hwy 17.
2. Turn RIGHT onto Idylwild.  Idylwild has a flashing yellow light suspended over the intersection with Hwy 17.  Follow Idylwild down the hill to the “T” intersection.
3. Turn LEFT onto Old Santa Cruz Hwy.
4. Turn RIGHT onto Aldercroft Heights Rd at the fork in the road.
5. Veer RIGHT after crossing Alma Bridge at the bottom of the hill.
6. Turn LEFT into the Lupin Lodge driveway across from the mailboxes.  (Its the first left after veering right)

Safety Note:  Left turns, either from or to Idylwild that require crossing the path of oncoming traffic along Hwy 17 can be dangerous, and during periods of high traffic volume, not even possible.

The driveway entrance to Lupin Lodge is on the left across from the mailboxes.

Temperatures are likely to be in the 70’s during the day and 50’s at night.  Plan to dress in layers. We will be sitting on the floor, dancing, moving, breathing, and getting dressed and undressed often so wear loose, comfortable clothes that you feel good in.

You are encouraged to bring:
1) A sarong or robe. Ritual clothes for the last night, something that makes you feel Divine.
2) Your favorite personal lubricant and massage oil. (extra virgin coconut oil works great for both)
3) A journal/notebook and pen.
4) An object for the altar. (optional)
5) A back support, cushion, zafu, and/or yoga mat or what you need to sit comfortably on the floor.
6) Please read “Sexual Healing: The Shaman Method of Sex Magic” prior to the training and bring a copy with you.

In the morning: Yoga or movement meditation will be offered each day at 8:00-9:00am. All students are strongly encouraged to attend.

During the day: We will gather in our classroom from 10am-7pm with a 90 minute lunch break. During these times we will have presentations, discussions, demonstrations, rituals and practice sessions.

In the evening: Some evenings we may have planned or optional events. Many participants like to socialize in the house, relax outside and/or have quiet time to integrate in the evenings.

Some nights will also include opportunities to practice giving and receiving sessions with each other. The last evening will be a special closing ritual. Please bring God/Goddess clothing for this ritual – something that makes you feel special.


8-9 AM      Yoga, movement or meditation.
9-10 AM    Breakfast
10 AM       Meet in the Group Room
1 PM          Break for Lunch
3 PM          Meet in the Group Room
7 PM         Close for Dinner (times may vary)
7 PM          Dinner
8:30 PM     Free Evening or Evening Session or Optional Events.

Please note: This schedule is a general framework and may flex and change as the week progresses.
We look forward to being with you in the circle!

See you soon,
Organizer- David Imiri (707) 978-2608
Lead Facilitator- Crystal Dawn Morris (928) 862-0762


ISTA Level 1 – Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience Group Agreement Field

1.  I agree to breathe, to feel, to be present and to be authentic.
2.  I agree to maintain confidentiality. This means not disclosing any individual’s identities, stories, and experiences.  I am free to speak about my own experience in the training.
3.  I agree to show up for class each day at the agreed upon time for the duration of the training. Even if I am tired, not feeling well, or just need a break from circle, I will at minimum stay in the group room even if resting in a corner.
4.  I understand that everything that occurs during this training (from opening circle to closing circle) is part of the transformational process of the event.
5.  I agree to request support, guidance, and help using clear direct requests, when I desire it.
6.  I agree to be coachable. I am open to feedback and direction from facilitators.
7.  I agree to take full responsibility for the nature of my experience.
8. This course is designed to awaken powerful emotional energies.  I agree to use the tools, techniques and philosophies being taught to process these emotions.
9. I agree to refrain from drugs and alcohol during the training. If I am taking mood altering prescription medication I will let the Lead facilitator know.
10.  I agree to not complain about others and to speak directly to the person I have an issue with. If someone attempts to complain to me about others, I agree to support them to speak directly to the person concerned.
11.  I agree to ask people if they want feedback before I give it to them, and at a time that is suitable for both of us.
12.  I understand that this retreat explores sexuality. As adults (including facilitators) we agree to be responsible and respectful in our interactions with others. I will use clear direct verbal communications and safer-sex practices through this event. Genital contact may be invited to occur in some practices and if I am not comfortable with this, I will express my concerns clearly and directly to the facilitators and organizer.
13.  I agree to allow people to have their experience and not intervene unless they ask for support: ie not passing tissues or giving touch/hugs or advice that has not been requested.
14.  If at any time I feel that the training is not appropriate for me or I wish to leave the training, I agree to bring my concerns directly to the course instructors.
15.  I understand that if I break these agreements, I may be compromising the value I receive from this training.

Please read these agreements over carefully, and sign below to confirm your agreement with them.
You will then be taken to the student information form.

Type your name in the box to agree. Same as a legal signature.*
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